Our workout

what you get with a 9round membership.

  • No session times

    There are no set times. Simply turn-up when works for you.

  • Heart rate technology

    Blog fitness tech to track progress and produces measurable results

  • Daily changing workout

    Every day is a new workout, you’re always challenged and keep progressing.

  • 9 rounds. 3 minutes.

    Sessions combine no contact kickboxing and a full body workout in 30 minutes.

  • Trainer guided

    Trainers are always there to guide and motivate you, ensuring you get the most out of your workout

  • It’s you and the bag

    Punch it out, kick it out on the bags.


Have a look through our videos to see what our 30 minute, full body workout is all about!

    9 ROUNDS 3 MINUTES EACH it’s you and the bag

    Our high intensity workouts get your heart rate up, using the fundamentals of no contact kickboxing moves to build strength and stamina.

    Rounds 1 & 2

    Stamina and strength

    Rounds 3 to 8

    Kickboxing and HiT

    Round 9

    Abs and core


    The 9Round experience uses easy to master kickboxing moves, led by expert trainers and enhanced with heart rate tracking technology.

    Burn up to 500 cals per session.

    unlimited workouts ON YOUR TIME

    With our monthly membership you get unlimited classes.

    Plus we don’t do class times and with a new round starting every three minutes – simply turn up when it works for you during club opening hours.

    Essentials kit

    All members get the kit needed to master your workout.

    This includes 9Round gloves, hand wraps and heartrate monitor belt which connects to the screens in club and can be used for all other workouts.

    Get a free workout

    Book your first free session where you will be able to tour the gym, meet the trainers and complete your first 9Round Workout!